Businesses Take Note! Four Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Plastic

Accept credit cards on website

More and more consumers are switching to debit credit cards, rather than cash or writing checks, to pay bills and make retail purchases. Though cash-only policies might work in some environments, owners who are looking to attract a high number of customers and expand will need to invest in credit card processors. While it would be nice to point the finger at one reason for that trend, the reality is that there are several factors at play. Keeping all of those benefits in mind and working to accept debit and credit cards is important for growing businesses.


The simplest reason why businesses need to invest in the infrastructure needed to accept debit and credit cards is that making payments with credit cards is just easier than paying with cash. It could be hard to keep track of bank statements and, if you don’t pay attention, you could spend more than you mean to, but paying with plastic is much easier than having to go to the ATM constantly.


Many credit card companies offer specific rewards to their customers, especially if they make lots of purchases. They could range from cash back all the way to travel miles so you can more easily afford a flight to your favorite vacation destination. Other than loose change that you’ll probably end up losing, cash doesn’t give you anything back.

Build Credit

Earning a higher credit score is beneficial in today’s marketplace. High scores can help with things like getting favorable payment plans when you lease a car or better terms when you buy a home. Even if you only use a credit card for small purchases, credit will build over time and a great score can be quite helpful.

Automatic Payments

The growth of online bill payment systems means that consumers are able to pay their bills automatically. While you can often do that with your debit card or even from your bank account, credit is an easier option because you don’t have to worry about transferring funds before a payment is made. Plus, you build credit and earn rewards over time.

There are lots of reasons why consumers use credit cards, and these four only scratch the surface. But regardless of the specifics, businesses need to be able to accept debit and credit cards to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. Without doing so, they will miss out on a huge number of potential customers.