Is a Career in Finance a Good Fit For You?


Are you looking for a career to pursue after school? Are you choosing your college major? Are you good at math? Well then you might want to consider jobs in accounting and finance. This is a great field that can be very interesting and exciting, and will provide a great future for you.

A business’s chief financial officer, or CFO, oversees its financial operations. The chief financial officer job description includes being responsible for the corporation’s financial risks, as well as financial planning, record-keeping, and financial planning to higher management.

The chief financial officer reports to the chief executive officer, or CEO. The chief executive officer is the most senior corporate officer or administrator in charge of managing a for-profit or non-profit organization. The CEO’s responsibilities are set by the organizations board of directors. The chief executive officer and the board of directors are the only people the chief financial officer answers to. Traditionally, the CFO was viewed has the financial gatekeeper, but the role has since expanded and evolved to a strategic partner and adviser to the CEO.

There are many different jobs in accounting and finance. If that is the field you are looking into, you can be a president or vice president of finance, chief operating officer, financial manager, financial analyst, director of finance, etc.

There are many different jobs in accounting and finance, with a lot of room for growth. For example, a bookkeeping, accounting, and audit clerk makes an average of $36,640 a year, while an accountant averages $71,040. A financial analyst salary averages $76,950.

Everyone starts at the bottom, but careers in finance have the potential to shoot you straight to the top. If you work hard, you will be able to climb the corporate later, improving your own experience and portfolio, and one day, you might become a chief financial officer, or a chief executive officer. Helpful sites: