Mobile Payment Solutions are Key for Growing Businesses

Accept credit cards by phone

Though the online marketplace is still in its infancy, relative to how consumers are expected to shop in the future, it has already evolved quite a bit. While PCs and laptops used to be the only way for consumers to do their shopping without having to go to brick and mortar retailers, now, they are able to check out items and find deals from smartphones and tablets while on the go. In fact, last June, according to research conducted by comScore, more consumers were making purchases from their mobile devices than from PCs. As a result, businesses who want to take full advantage of the digital marketplace and attract new customers need to invest in mobile payment solutions that make transactions easy, fast, and secure.
“Since U.S. consumers now spend more than half of their time on retailers’ web sites using their smartphones and tablets, mobile can’t be viewed simply as an ancillary device or action, it now epitomizes how consumers think and act when they interact with retailers,” says executive director Vicki Cantrell. “Retailers have to continue to invest to make sure they get their mobile offerings right, or will increasingly risk alienating customers and leaving significant money on the table.”
In June of last year, 55% of all the time that consumers spent shopping online was done on mobile devices, the comScore study found. To break that number down further, smartphones accounted for 44% of that time while 11% was spent on tablets. As consumer spending habits change beyond just moving just to the internet, businesses who want to provide an effective and enjoyable buying experience have to adjust. Today, in order to do that, investing in upgraded mobile payment solutions is a must.
For some companies, especially small businesses, keeping all of that work in-house is quite difficult, if not impossible. If that is the case, then partnering with mobile payment processing companies is the best option. They can help even the smallest businesses easily accept credit cards online and help them accommodate both mobile and PC shoppers. As a result, they are a great resource for any business looking to capitalize on consumers spending habits.
As the business world evolves, companies need to adjust and invest in new technologies, programs, and applications to keep current customers happy and make sure potential buyers find what they need. In today’s landscape, since mobile shoppers reign supreme in the digital marketplace, finding the right mobile payment solutions is a vital part of business growth.