Qualities of a Good Debt Collection Agency

Every debtor wants to work with a good collection agency. Therefore, it is important to know how to spot qualities that are exhibited by only high-end collection agencies. In 2017, there were 8,513 debt collection agencies in the U.S. This shows that many debtors are relying on these agencies to collect their debts.

This is because the agencies have employed qualified debt collectors who will effectively collect the debts for you, including court collections. This guide gives you all the qualities that you, as a debtor, should look for when choosing a debt collection agency.

Active Listening

It is vital to hire a collection agency that is good at listening to clients. It is crucial to talk to a client to know the reason why they have delayed making the payment. Listening in debt collection helps clients feel comfortable to communicate with the agents instead of not picking up calls.

Many clients usually avoid picking calls from debt collectors because the agents usually talk to them rudely without listening to them. Check how the debt recovery agency is dealing with existing clients before working with them. Also, go through their online reviews to see the testimonials from lenders who have dealt with the agency.


Other than communication skills, an excellent debt collection agency should have negotiation skills. This allows the client to pay the debt in bits within a certain period. The debt collector will still be calling to remind the client about their negotiation so that he or she cannot go against the agreement.

Ability to Trace Defaulters

Some defaulters have gone missing with debts for years that it is hard to trace them. A good debt collection agency can trace these defaulters within a short time. The agency should have ways to bring track the location or information about the defaulter.

Skip tracing is one of the most effective collection management systems that successful debt collection agencies use to find debtors who have skipped town. This system uses several databases which can easily find a debtor who is on the run.

Debt collection agencies have connections in almost all cities and countries, and thus they can easily obtain information when a debtor is seen in another location.

Maintain Business Relations

It is challenging to maintain a good business relationship during debt collection. This is because the lender may end up being stubborn that the debt agent may use ways that may ruin the relationship between your business and the consumer.

Therefore, work with a business debt collection agency that knows how to apply strict ways to take the debt without making the client feel disrespected. Some agencies use harassing and unscrupulous approaches which may be effective in getting your debt back, but it will ruin your business relations.

Quick Debt Collection

One of the reasons that led you to hire a debt collection agency is because you want the money on time. Therefore, it is essential to employ an agency that will bring you the debt quickly, and this also includes court collections.

This quality makes a lot of difference because if an agency can get you your money early, you continue with your business on time. Debt collection agencies are well experienced in using legal ways to shake debtors to pay the debt on time.


Do not receive business debt collection services from agencies that are not persistent. The collection agency should be persistent in calling the clients until they make the payment. This is especially important for court collections.

Debts can only be collected in full if the agents insist on calling the lenders. However, the agents should be polite and observe telephone etiquette.

Debt collection services are on the rise as businesses are tired of losing money from debtors who go missing in action. Court collections are popular nowadays because people are not obeying court laws by making payments within stated dates. For this reason, debt collection agencies are offering reliable court collection agencies.