The Three Best Reasons to Use a Currency Counter to Manage Your Business’ Cash

Portable cash counter

At any business, big or small, finding the right cash management solution can be tough. With so much cash flowing in and out of your registers every day, it’s essential to keep a close eye on how much cash you have on hand and whether or not it reflects the transactions made — but counting money by hand is tedious and highly prone to human error.

That’s why more businesses than ever are investing in a currency counter machine that can count bank notes and coins and allow workers to spend their time doing other tasks.

Not sure if a currency counter is right for your business or not? Here are the top three reasons why the most successful businesses rely on currency counter machines to manage their cash — and why your business can’t afford not to:

100% accuracy — every time

Perhaps the biggest reason why businesses use currency counters is the fact that they count money 100% accurately each time, no matter how large the amount of cash being handled. When humans count currency by hand, they’re much more prone to making errors and miscounting. It’s only natural — we’re not computers! To be sure your business’ cash is being counted correctly each time, a currency counter machine is the only way to go.

Considerable time savings

Another disadvantage to counting money by hand is the sheer amount of time it can take to count large quantities of cash. In contrast, a currency counter can go through a huge stack of bills in just a matter of seconds. By allowing a currency counter to do the work for you, your business’ workers can spend their work day completing other necessary tasks that need to get done, making your business more efficient and productive.

Detecting counterfeit currency

Many currency counters on the market today don’t just count your money for you — they can also detect any counterfeit currency you may have. These machines are able to detect counterfeit bills with ultraviolet (UV), magnetic or infrared technology and will help your business stay immune to currency fraud.

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