The Top Three Places to Sell Your Gold

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If times are tough financially, there has never been a better time to sell your gold and earn a little extra cash to help make ends meet. Gold buyers are still looking for people who want to sell gold jewelry and scrap gold that can be melted down into gold bullion — meaning even if your gold jewelry is broken or missing pieces, you can still earn a good profit.

But before you sell your gold to just anywhere to sell gold jewelry, you should read up on which type of gold buyer is the best place to sell gold. There are currently approximately 68,000 jewelry stores located throughout the country

Here are the top three best places that buy gold:

1. Jewelers and antique stores: If your gold jewelry is still in good condition, you’ll probably be able to earn a good amount of money by taking it to a jeweler or antique dealer. This is the best place to sell gold for people who have heirloom pieces or high-quality brand-name pieces of jewelry.

2. Gold buyers with a physical store location: Gold buyers that do their business in storefront locations are competitive with their price offers, meaning they are the best place to sell gold if you want to earn back a higher percentage of the gold’s market value.

3. Not online: In most cases, you’re better off selling to a gold buyer that isn’t online-exclusive. There have been a high number of complaints to the Better Business Bureau in recent years from people who have sent their gold in to these buyers, only to never receive a payment or their gold returned. The best place to sell gold will have a storefront location.

In addition to finding the best place to sell gold, you should try to get at least two different price offers from buyers. This way you can compare offers and get the best pay for your valuables. The best place to sell gold will be the place that offers you the most! Read more here.