What You Should Know About the Health Insurance Marketplace for Families and Businesses

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Health insurance: most people take it for granted until they need it. Although the Affordable Care Act has made it easy for Americans to get health insurance, the uninsured rate as of last year was still 12.9% for adults. As a result, more Americans are looking for health insurance, whether they receive it through their employers’ plans or buy it themselves.

If you’re currently exploring your options in the health insurance marketplace, make sure you choose the right plans for your family or your business. Here’s what you should know about these two types of plans:

Health Insurance for Families and Individuals

Thanks to reforms in health care, it is possible to get health insurance on your own rather than simply through an employer. The health insurance marketplace offers several options for individual care, similar to how one would purchase a life insurance or car insurance policy. In addition to looking for family or individual health insurance plans, you may also need something tailored to your needs based on your age or employment status. Senior citizens on Medicare may need Medicare supplements in order to get the comprehensive care they need in their golden years. Additionally, self employed people who work on a freelance basis or own a sole proprietorship may need a health insurance plan that on the individual level rather than the business one.

Health Benefits for Business

Most often, health care for businesses comes in the form of group benefits. This means that employees pay a premium every paycheck, and for that they get access to doctors and other medical services within their network. According to recent statistics, just two in five Americans (or 40%) under the age of 65 have health care through their employers. As a result, more people are looking for employers offering benefits to workers. Make sure you find a service that offers businesses that group benefits and cost-effective plans that you and your employees need.

Have more questions about navigating the health insurance marketplace and making the best decisions for your family members, your workers, or even yourself? Leave a comment in the space provided, and don’t be afraid to get a quote from an insurance company.