Four Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Investment Advisor

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There are more reasons than ever to enlist the help of a certified investment advisor for help with building your investment portfolio. Currently, about 25% of Americans have an investment or financial advisor to help them manage their funds — and the number is expected to keep growing.

The best certified investment advisors can help you with tax planning, retirement saving, asset protection, wealth transfer and a slew of other things that will optimize your finances and make you a smarter money manager.

But how do you choose the right certified investment advisor?

There are a number of different factors that go into choosing an investment advisor — and to get a good idea of how you should find the right one for you, look at this list of the four things you should ask every potential investment advisor:

1. What are your qualifications?: Ideally, a certified investment advisor should be registered with the federal Securities Exchange Commission in addition to holding a post-secondary degree in a financial field. These qualifications should be readily made clear on the advisor’s website — if not, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.

2. How do you charge for your services?: Before you start working with an investment advisor, ask him or her how, and how much, his or her charges for services. Depending on your budget, you may prefer an investment advisor who charges a flat fee, or you might want a percentage-based charging system.

3. What is your approach to investing?: Not every investment advisor invests the same way, or in the same things. Evaluate what your goals are with investing, and choose an investment advisor whose investing habits match what you want to achieve.

4. Why should I choose your services over someone else’s?: Essentially, why should I hire you? Your ideal certified investment advisor should readily have an answer to this question — it’s a way of branding themselves as well as a sales pitch to you. Check out this website for more:

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